In 2018 there are beachcombing walks on the following beaches: Felixstowe, Landguard, Bawdsey Quay and Sizewell. There are also workshops at East Lane beach, Bawdsey. You can see the dates of all of  these on the Beach Bonkers events page.

Every beach is different. Even beaches that are close to each other can have surprisingly different treasures to find.

Beachcombing really is suitable for all ages although the distance covered may influence which walk you come on, depending on whether you have very young children or limited mobility.



girl beachcombing.jpg

FELIXSTOWE beachcombs last an hour and a half. It’s great if you have limited mobility or very young children. There are tons of treasures, especially shelss and fossils, to be found in a very small area. There’s lots of opportunities to sit on the prom or old concrete groynes if you need to rest.


Container ship at Landguard.JPG

LANDGUARD beachcombs last an hour and a half. It’s a slightly longer walk out to the beach but it’s a special place. A nature reserve full of shingle plants and birds, right next to the busiest port in the country, and a beach full of treasures.


Bawdsey beach with whelk shells.jpg

BAWDSEY QUAY beachcombs last two hours. This lets us explore both a river beach and sea beach. The river beach is great for sea glass. The seaward beach is stunning and wild, full of plants with white lines of shells marking the tide line. There's a great mix of beachcombing treasures to be found.


Sizewell bending over beachcomb.jpg

SIZEWELL beachcombs last two hours as there’s so much to explore. We look at the shingle plants and then walk along the back of the beach to get further down where we have a better chance of finding fossils. And there's also a great mix of beachcombing treasues. This walk is not suitable for very young children or those with limited mobility. Come on a Felixstowe beachcomb instead.


Bawdsey cove.JPG

EAST LANE BAWDSEY  is unique and I am holding two workshops (rather than walks) there this autumn. It’s a rapidly eroding cove and there are plenty of fossil shark teeth to be found, as well as many other treasures.