Treasure hunting ...

Treasure hunting ...

If you can't get to the beach there are a number of ways I can bring it to you.

I can bring a portable beach (pictured above). This works both inside and outside. Can you decipher the clues and uncover the treasures hidden in it?

I can also bring a box of beach treasures which is perfect for exploring. This is full of items, common and unusual, which you might find on Suffolk's beaches. This works brilliantly in residential homes and, in the winter months especially, at nature clubs and other meetings. Also known as “Beachcombing in the Warm.”

I also have a giant beachcombing board game (pictured below). Will you look after your beach and make it to the end?

Please contact me for further details. As a rough idea of costing I charge 45p a mile and my time at £15/hour (including travelling time). I always endeavour to do multiple events on the same day to cut travel costs to you.

I hold £5m public liability insurance.

Beach Bonkers is run as a not for profit and after expenses, any extra goes back into providing more events.