No-one starts a beachcomb knowing what they’ll find and no-one finishes a beachcomb disappointed.  And no-one does it without wanting to do it all over again as soon as they can.

Beach Bonkers is all about beachcombing and finding treasures -- whether it's on your local beachexploring the box of beach finds or exploring the portable beach.

Beach Bonkers is run for love not for profit. Any dosh you can spare to cover costs is most welcome. You will only be charged what you donate. (I am charged 6.4% plus 20p per transaction to cover GoFundMe's costs.)

Every beach treasure we find tells a story -- whether it’s egg cases of creatures we never see, glass frosted by the waves, driftwood eaten by insatiable worms or sharks’ teeth and fossils that are millions of years old. 

Although we have a lot of shingle in Suffolk this is a rare and fragile habitat that's full of specially adapted plants and wildlife as well as the evidence of the lives of our sea creatures. Beachcombing helps people to appreciate that and treasure our beaches.  

After a long time doing other stuff indoors Kate Osborne got her first conservation job as the ranger at Landguard Nature Reserve. In August 2013 she was appointed as the Project Officer on the fabulous Touching the Tide funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. As part of this project she ran hugely successful beachcombing walks. This is part of the legacy of that project.